Case Study

Giving Back

We believe that giving back to our community is part of our corporate responsibility, and for us one way we accomplish that is through teaching technology, and data analytics. As part of a program through Hofstra University, funded by OpenLink, Alex Pelaez, Ph.D spearheads a program that teaches, Scratch programming, Python Programming, Spreadsheets and Databases to children from grades 3-8, at two local schools on Long Island. Employees of Five Element Analytics participate as teachers and volunteer their time teaching these very important skills.

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The Yin Yang Of Analytics

With the buzz around business analytics, its not surprising that companies struggle to find value with all the data they collected. Analytics is much more than just collecting data and writing reports. The concept of business intelligence is around collecting data and understanding the existing environment, but analytics requires companies to go much further, and begin to provide accurate and meaningful predictions of future behavior and explanations of present activities.

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